Our Capabilities

Aerospace & Defense Electronics

Butler National Corporation designs and manufactures special mission electronics including gun control equipment, gun simulators, custom test equipment, rapid integration weapon-control systems, aircraft fuel tank safety solutions, and ruggedized system / weapon / instrument cabling solutions. Butler National products are used by airlines, OEMs, contractors, and government agencies.

Butler National is ITAR compliant and AS9100D / ISO 9001:2015 registered.

Areas of Expertise

Electrical Engineering

Butler National designs and integrates complex projects that include custom circuits, control logic, and electronics equipment. We integrate a variety of systems and standard communication formats.

Mechanical Engineering

Butler National designs custom parts, enclosures, and assemblies. Our designs are ruggedized and optimized for size, weight, durability and manufacturability according to customer needs.

Software Engineering

Butler National adapts its proprietary control logic software / firmware for its products. We leverage our existing work to complete future projects efficiently. Our software development process is MIL-STD-882 compliant.

Circuits & Logic

Butler National designs and assembles custom printed-circuit boards using state-of-the-art Pick-and-Place machines and reflow soldering. We also develop proprietary control logic for digital systems.

Enclosure Design

Butler National designs and manufactures ruggedized enclosures for electronics and electromechanical products. We frequently qualify our enclosure designs to MIL-STD-461 and MIL-STD-810.


Butler National has over thirty years of experience in designing and manufacturing ruggedized electronics and cables for avionics, command/control systems, testing systems and weapons systems.


Butler National Tempe manufactures, integrates and supports commercial Butler-designed control systems, ordnance related products and commercial aviation / avionics products.


Circuit boards, cable assemblies, enclosures, and other sub-components are typically assembled on-site in the Tempe, Arizona facility.

Support Services

Butler is available to service damaged parts, produce additional products, or update/upgrade products. We also offer technical services and installation support.

Why Butler National?

Our unique skills and complex product manufacturing make Butler National a go-to provider of engineering and manufacturing services.

Customized Solutions

Butler National takes an all-inclusive approach to electronics projects, including custom printed circuit board design and assembly, MIL-STD-882 compliant software/firmware development, custom enclosures to satisfy form-factor and ruggedization requirements, and in-house cable manufacturing.

SWaP-C Optimization

Butler National electronics have been fielded in airplanes, helicopters and ground vehicles where size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) are material considerations.

MIL-STD Qualification

Butler National qualifies specific products and components to military standards for electro-magnetic interference, vibration, temperature, and more. We also qualify to TSO and other environmental specifications.

Long Term Service & Support

Butler National services include prototype design and fabrication, service, overhaul, supplemental production and product updates/upgrades. We also offer technical services and installation support.

BNC: Supporting the missions that matter most.

From controlling the guns on the latest military vehicles to protecting the fuel tanks of commercial aircraft, Butler National Corporation products serve mission-critical roles in sectors where failure is not an option.