Why Butler National?

We design and manufacture shielded cables with protective shrouds and overmolding to survive extreme environments.

We provide our high-quality cables with our products whenever possible. We also offer custom cabling solutions for 3rd-party systems and equipment.

Enhanced Cabling Solutions

Butler National has built its cabling expertise over more than 20 years of production and maintenance. In that time, our cables have seen prolonged use in extreme and high-vibration environments. Our long-term commitment to customer contact and product support gave us insight into the most common points of failure and wear across those years of deployment. Today, the mature Butler National cable design and fabrication process results in rugged, long-lasting cables for a variety of applications.

Cables For Our Products

Butler National manufactures cables for its Special Mission Electronics products. We work with customers to develop custom solutions to field problems.

Cables For 3rd Parties

Butler National also offers cabling support for customer projects and products. We work with both fine- and heavy-gauge wire, and can build-to-print or design custom cabling. Our engineers can work with your design team to identify high-wear areas and suggest protective shielding and shrouds that will reduce long-term maintenance costs. We also offer overmolding (bonding the cable to the connector) as a ruggedization measure for cables in high-vibration environments.


  • AS-9100D / ISO 9001:2015
  • Full Design & Fabrication Ability
  • Build-To-Print Cable Production
  • Fine- and Heavy-Gauge Wire
  • Wiring harnesses for
    • fixed-wing aircraft
    • rotorcraft
    • ground vehicles
    • naval vessels


  • Mil-Spec Construction & Qualification
  • Environmental Qualifications
  • Marinization
  • Custom Protective Shrouds for Standard Connectors
  • Overmolding Capabilities

BNC: Supporting the missions that matter most.

From controlling the guns on the latest military vehicles to protecting the fuel tanks of commercial aircraft, Butler National Corporation products serve mission-critical roles in sectors where failure is not an option.