How it Works

Butler National Gun Emulators make the development process cheaper by eliminating the need for bailment guns, dummy rounds and test equipment. Built-in fault-injection switches and status monitoring lights make it easier to test, debug, and verify system behavior.

A Testing/Development Solution for OEMs

1-1 Gun Replacement

The Gun Emulator runs on vehicle power and connects to control units and vehicle systems just like the gun.

Simplify Testing & Troubleshooting

Fault injection and status lights make it easy to test and verify behavior of control units and vehicle systems.

Reduce Costs

You’ll no longer need a bailment gun, dummy rounds, or a hangfire override module.

Load Banks

Custom load banks are available. Load banks absorb excess electrical load to protect system components during emulator operation.

Gun Emulator Availability

Gun Emulators are available off-the-shelf for all motor-driven guns and cannons.

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