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Butler National integrates various components into ruggedized dependable solutions. Integrations may include cooperative resources from Butler National affiliates and technical consultants. Our systems integration team works installations in avionics, audio/visual, SATCOM and controls, among other special mission elements.

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Butler National has designed and produced solutions for a wide array of vehicle platforms. We have experience with common ruggedization requirements, communication protocols, and power standards.

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Butler National gun controls are used on army AH-64 Apache and MH-60 DAP helicopters, as well as air force AC-130 J & W gunships. Our TSDs and Switching Units were used on Classic Boeing 737/747 aircraft and McDonnell Douglas commercial aircraft, respectively. Butler affiliate Avcon Industries is known globally for its special mission aircraft solutions.


Our products are integrated into wheeled and tracked vehicle applications worldwide, including the JLTV and LAV, among others.


Butler gun controls and cables with marinization features are deployed on naval vessels around the globe.

Case Study:
Portable Weapons System Integration Kit

The Butler National Portable Weapons System Integration Kit (PWSIK) was originally designed to show compatibility between Navy SH-60 and MH-60 Seahawk utility helicopters and the M230 cannon. The cost-effective and portable kit prevented wasted The PWISK was created as a cost-effective and portable test-unit, which could be refined into a smaller box-build later.

Left: BNC PWSIK temporarily installed in a civilian Black Hawk variant alongside the Butler B306 Combined Gun Control Box. Butler’s PWSIK and Gun Control Unit were successfully used to weaponize the helicopter in just a few hours. See the article on Vertical Mag.

Power Distribution Panel from the BNC Portable Weapon System Integration Kit, operating a chain gun on a static mount

Right: PWSIK used to bench-test the M230 weapon system fixed to a static mount. The PWSIK was designed for testing, maintenance, and proof-of-concept applications.

Enclosed in a ruggedized case, the portable power distribution panel is strapped down to an arbitrary location in an airplane, helicopter, naval vessel, or static mount. Input power is then connected to the panel, and outputs to the other equipment. Once connected with the Butler National B306 Combined Gun Control Box (CGCB), the included firing control panel, and the gun itself, the PWSIK forms a complete and fully-operable M230 cannon system.

PWSIK for Weapon Integration & Compatibility Testing

The PWSIK allows for rapid, cost-effective testing of the M230 Cannon on new platforms. The design can be simplified into a platform-specific, SWaP-C (Size, Weight, Power and Cost) optimized unit after initial testing. The PWSIK is also useful for temporary weapon fitment on multi-role aircraft (e.g. temporary conversions of utility helicopters into gunships).

PWSIK for Static Mount Tests

The PWSIK is also useful static-mount testing of the M230 weapon system. The included firing-control panel makes it easy to operate the cannon for routine testing and maintenance.

“Gunship To Go” (Vertical Mag)

In 2016, Butler National worked with a number of other companies to weaponize a civilian version of the Blackhawk. The project demonstrated that a portable kit can weaponize an unarmed helicopter in just a few hours. Using the PWSIK and B306 Combined Gun Control Box, the M230 cannon was mounted to a composite wing structure and successfully fired in-flight.

BNC: Supporting the missions that matter most.

From controlling the guns on the latest military vehicles to protecting the fuel tanks of commercial aircraft, Butler National Corporation products serve mission-critical roles in sectors where failure is not an option.